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Lima – Between Present and Past

Lima – Between Present and Past.

Between the Andes and the Pacific golden desert slopes at yeasty, Lima is changed into an elegant metropolis, subtly perfumed with essences old colonial centuries. Founder Pizarro seems to be forgotten in a corner of the city, and the glorious history of the conquest of Peru by the conquistadors in the shadow is wonderful precolumbian gold jewelery and valuable pre-Inca ceramics.

LIMA - between present and past

  How few rivers in the mountains slide directly in the capital, their waters with those of the waterways, make life lovely gardens, palm trees and parks thin on high cliffs. architecture punctuate modern financial areas of Lima hot and traditional markets bordering the mall s bold . In the quiet neighborhood of villas, archaeologists digging in the sandy soil of newly discovered sites inside buildings. And every day, increasing by building makeshift outskirts of poor Peruvians dreaming of a better life in the capital.

This is Lima, nearly 500 years after his birth.

Good time

In the summer months, from December to April, Lima is warm, serene, flowering, while in winter (June-October) is covered with clouds and a persistent fog, called Garu, taking place in the desert rain the ocean. However, temperatures fall below 12 º C and not exceed 29 º C often, and only moisture could be uncomfortable for tourists.

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The Three Towers of Bihar Lost

The Three Towers of Bihar Lost.

Weather tower defense and surveillance, the knights and ladies, the nomadic invasions from the steppes of Asia has been deserted. Left behind is a literature that study today with great delight, legends that bring us closer to eternity and mysterious ruins hidden, unfortunately, here in Romania, eye stories tourists and history enthusiasts.


The three towers of Bihar lost

The three towers lost that we bring to your attention previously occupied each a place in the collective mind separately, but all had one thing in common: the voice from heaven, from height, announcing both the good and bad. The excellence of the tower had a liaison role, the crossings, transition: either by height or by function. It is an important point which provides a boundary. Tower is being input into the slot, with a bell hung who calls the faithful, either in its center, linking them to those in service to the divine. Dungeon is the tower of the castle or fortress of the best defended and most difficult to conquer the invaders, because of height. That is the ultimate protection, the transitional people retreated in time of răstrişte. Finally, sitting on a guard tower in high places often designate the boundary between a field and another, of a kingdom and another.

The three examples of towers that we have chosen are the Cri, specifically in Bihar county. The fact that they get lost, become ruins without little historical value, is the result of civic consciousness on national heritage and history that most people just prefer photos, books and speeches. The three towers are tower monastic complex of the Beius Sânnicolau tower from “Portus Crisy” or Customs Salt and Cheresig dungeon.

The ruins of the monastic complex of Beius Sânnicolau

Too pompously called “the ruins of the monastic complex of Beius Sânnicolau” tower străjuişte former monastery now only a cornfield in common hawks. List of Historic Monumentally importance as it provides a name, catalogându it as a monument of national importance (Category A), but the owner, Mayor’s hawks, they consider, although not officially recognize this burden.

Built between 1327-1424, the monument were carried out work aimed at strengthening the resistance structure of the tower, in 1933, but without respecting its architecture, brick degraded or missing pieces were replaced with stone and cement. Also many bricks were separated from the building walls, eroded its strength.

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Most Sinister Places on Earth

Most Sinister Places on Earth.

No doubt, people are fascinating creatures, leaven of reason, soul and matter, capable of committing some of the most remarkable beauty. Numerous examples worldwide certify undoubtedly present creative potential well of humanity.

Top 10 most sinister places on Earth

   This dimension seems admirable but not to exclude or skills at the antipodes, the same creatures “divine”  with ease and to the grotesque, which he shapes with a similar skill. Here are some examples of some of the most sinister places on Earth, carefully outlined the grim human genius.

10. Mutter Museum of Medical History

It was founded in 1858, the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, by doctor Thomas Dent Mutter , to initiate students of schools of medicine in the mysteries of human anatomy and the anomalies that it can manifest. Museum is one of pathology , of old medical instruments and biological exhibits.The institution is known for its extensive collection of skulls , but presents many unique biological features. Between them, the corpse of a woman transformed into lye in land that was buried, conjoined twins who share the same liver or the same skull, skeleton of a child with two heads and many other exhibits hideous.

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Images of a Wild Peruvian Tribe Have Been Made Public for The First Time (Photo)

Images of a Wild Peruvian Tribe Have Been Made Public for The First Time (Photo).

About two years ago, several photos taken from an airplane or helicopter show a wild tribe, living in the Peruvian jungle on any contact with civilization. This time, photo organization Survival International have managed to approach the tribes and provide unique images of such primitive communities.



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The Most Beautiful Beaches in The World

The Most Beautiful Beaches in The World.

Lagoons which exceed in splendor on the films, golden sands of sun tropics, turquoise waves, sunset and sunrise in unreal colors, landscapes which were not invented yet for comparison … In short, places on Earth that seem real gates to paradise. These and no others, are the finest and most exclusive beaches you can enjoy in this life.

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