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Bad Boys of Sports

Bad Boys of Sports.

Most have heard about already, while some of you are still unknown. Absolutely all, but they share the same … have a great outlet to the public are also admire and blame, and that the fact that they are nonconformistii arena, bad boys of sports. Obviously a list like the one below may not include all the names of such a category but certainly, I will bring into account, in random order, the most famous of the athletes who stood out and otherwise than by performance on the pitch …

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Bad boys of sports

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Evolution of a Football While (Photo)

Evolution of a Football While (Photo).

Below we present images with past and present round ball used in World Cup football.

19 of the World Cup tournaments were played in 1930 and so far, each with a new type of ball. The organizers have held that every time the official ball of the tournament official to be more efficient than previous ones. The initiative belongs to photograph all German photographer Jens Heilmann. Should be added that all balloons are absolutely original and have been touched by football legends XX and XXI centuries.

Uruguay – 1930

Italy – 1934

France – 1938

Brazil – 1950

Switzerland -1954

Sweden – 1958

Chile – 1962

Anglia – 1966

Mexico – 1970

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