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Lima – Between Present and Past

Lima – Between Present and Past.

Between the Andes and the Pacific golden desert slopes at yeasty, Lima is changed into an elegant metropolis, subtly perfumed with essences old colonial centuries. Founder Pizarro seems to be forgotten in a corner of the city, and the glorious history of the conquest of Peru by the conquistadors in the shadow is wonderful precolumbian gold jewelery and valuable pre-Inca ceramics.

LIMA - between present and past

  How few rivers in the mountains slide directly in the capital, their waters with those of the waterways, make life lovely gardens, palm trees and parks thin on high cliffs. architecture punctuate modern financial areas of Lima hot and traditional markets bordering the mall s bold . In the quiet neighborhood of villas, archaeologists digging in the sandy soil of newly discovered sites inside buildings. And every day, increasing by building makeshift outskirts of poor Peruvians dreaming of a better life in the capital.

This is Lima, nearly 500 years after his birth.

Good time

In the summer months, from December to April, Lima is warm, serene, flowering, while in winter (June-October) is covered with clouds and a persistent fog, called Garu, taking place in the desert rain the ocean. However, temperatures fall below 12 º C and not exceed 29 º C often, and only moisture could be uncomfortable for tourists.

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History Rose – Legends and Symbols of Roses

History Rose – Legends and Symbols of Roses.

Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers. It is considered a noble flower and not infrequently, the flower of love and elegance.



Rose can be considered as king of the flowers and that for good reason.As animals have a king, lion, so the flowers have a king, rose. Here are some legends about the appearance of the rose, the colors and spins it, close the  and certainly attract the attention of those who appreciate the flowers, as happened with me.

trandafir negru

History of rose  

Roses have a long and colorful history. There are fossils of roses, evidence that they existed 35 million years. Currently there are over 30,000 species of roses. Growing in the garden of these flowers began about 5000 years ago and most likely in China.

Rose is first mentioned in a note ancient Sumerian. The text says that a small number of trees was brought to the Akkadian king Sargon I, in an expedition undertaken beyond the Tigris and planted in his garden.

In Europe, responsible for bringing Rose seems to be Alexander the Great, who, after a war in Persia, brought with him many treasures, including roses. Herodotus is not but believe that Alexander the Great, but Midas, the mythical king, brought flowers on Greek soil.

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The Largest Flower in The World (Pictures)

The Largest Flower in The World (Pictures).

The largest flower in the world is called raffles arnoldo a rare specimen that grows in the forests of Indonesia.

The largest flower in the world (Pictures)

Giant plant with a diameter of 91 cm weighing about 7 kg and survives prisoned other plants, with which it feeds, being almost devoid of chlorophyll.

Raffles Arnoldo has no leaves or roots visible , and when blooming, give off an unpleasant odor, very strong, similar to the bodies, but attractive to insects to pollinate the plant approaches.

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A Strange Coincidence Has Led to Life on Earth?

A Strange Coincidence Has Led to Life on Earth?.

A random chance which took place about 1.9 billion years ago led to the emergence of life on Earth, say scientists.

A strange coincidence has led to life on Earth

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Fishing with Bare Hands

Fishing with Bare Hands.

It’s spring was warm, people start to think about camping trips to the forest walks and fishing enthusiasts – after „the pond”, with hook … But instead of routine fishery with regular pan you good – and that has its charm – not you want to learn something new? At least to see how others do? Here’s an exciting and adventurous as method includes: fishing with bare hands. A brand new series from Discovery Channel shows how some fishing without rod, cordless nothing but equipment with which he endowed nature, some splendid fish, fisherman’s dream.


Fishing with bare hands

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The Worst Natural Disasters

The Worst Natural Disasters.

On repeated occasions, history has shown us that man is very capable and resourceful when it comes to destruction. There we consider his motives, but only power available in this respect. It is a considerable force, that when unshackelled can ruin.
The worst natural disasters 

  However, nature is showing us that sometimes ambition is not only a creative force, fascinating and docile, they can exploit at will. No. Nature can destroy and, ironically, can do with an efficiency far superior human resources. Natural disasters are rare, but when it happens, successfully substituted destructive potential of war, causing enormous losses among both human lives, as well as materially. Here are a few such demonstrations of power in relatively recent history.

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Lightning Versus Airplanes (Photo/video)

Lightning Versus Airplanes (Photo/video).

   Just like lightning to strike any object within a radius of several kilometers to us to give us the creeps. But when the subject is even a plane in which we insisne we are, experience can be downright disturbing. However, how exposed are airplanes in front electrical discharges?
Lightning versus airplanes
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