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01 mai

In the late ’70s, the town of Basildon in the UK (Essex province) to form a small band, Composition of Sound, consists of three teenagers: Martin Lee Gore, Andrew Fletcher and Vince Clarke.

David GahanBirthday: May 9, 1962 Place of Birth: Epping Eyes: Green / Brown Height: 1.80 m

Hobbies: Movies, clubs, dine with friends Previous Jobs: construction workers, storeman, salesman refreshmentsPrevious group: None Favorite Cities: Rome & Los Angeles (equally) preferred Countries: Italy & USA West Coast Food: Thai & Italian Favorite drink: Vodka, red or white French winefavorite sport: Ice Hockey Favorite Colors: Black, purple and pale green Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction Favorite book: NoneFavorite TV show: Vanessa Warick Sunday Night Show on MTV series The Simpsons favorite radio station: The classic rock of the U.S. magazine favorite: Q-Magazine favorite song: 3 Days and Nothing Shocking / Jane’s Addiction song DM favorite: I Feel You favorite album: First Album / Led Zeppelin & Nothing Shocking / Jane’s Addiction favorite DM album: Ultra video favorite DM: Walking In My Shoesfavorite band: Led Zeppelin Rolling Stones & Hates: to travel by air, customs, airports

Born in the town of Epping on May 9, 1962, Depeche Mode singer David Gahan, is rising strongly religious family. His mother’s side were part of the Salvation Army but he rejected this idea from the beginning. Gahan’s childhood he liked more than to ride a bike with friends than go to church with his mother. Dave was only five years when his family fell apart: his father left home and never heard nimc about it.

Young, then, David Gahan tried to compensate for the lack of father as he understood better: becoming what he described later as “a real rebel.”

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