Hollywood: Five Stars Accused of Theft. See Who are The Criminals!

29 apr.

Are not perfect and often not a role model. Despite wealth that boasts impressive, celebrities have been caught breaking the false and accused of theft. Here are five of Hollywood criminals.

Chris Brown
It is the first infringement. Recently, the singer was accused of having hit his former girlfriend, Rihanna, and a few days ago a woman in Florida said the star of stealing his mobile phone. Incidentally, instead of shrieking, under so-called victims, before a club in Miami last Sunday. If it is pr-oven, the offense would be classified as “theft by plucking,” the police report. Christal Spann said that the saw the Brown and rapper Tyga coming from a club and got into a car.This came to take a picture of Chris Brown and he pulled down the window and the phone. The singer was not arrested or indicted so far, but the police say that prosecutors prepare an arrest warrant.

Winona Ryder
Winona is one of the most famous kleptomaniac. Not once it was caught stealing from shops: cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, anything can be stuffed into bags and removed easily from the store. But the actress has managed to escape each time with warnings or community service.

Megan Fox
Who would have thought that even the beautiful Megan has record? Well, the actress was caught stealing when he was a naive teenager. At only 15 years, Megan Fox was charged with theft of a famous supermarket, Wal-Mart. Since then, the star has not set foot there. ”I do not know if the ban I received a life then, but we have not entered the Wal-Mart when I was caught and convicted of theft. I went to court and I had to choose between two sentences and I chose to wrap gifts for Christmas. other option would be to port an ad that said that I stole from Wal-Mart and sit for three days in the shop, “says Megan.

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