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28 apr.

Despite recession, the rich world holidays are often associated with places seem to emerge from the „thousand and one nights” and yet, in recent years, many international miliadarii seem to have tired to spend holidays in previzibilele fashionable destinations, choosing to offbeat places and isolated resorts. According to a report recently published „bible of capitalism”, Forbes, are missing from the list of super-wealthy eccentrics in terms of tourism, those who „leave” is dedicated to a spiritual quest, or those who venture into wild places and uncontaminated. So if you have all the money in the world where you spend your vacation?

Meditation on Facebook
The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, 25 years old, is one of those billionaires who enjoy relaxing in Eastern spirituality places. In January, he spent one week in Pune, in India, where he visited the splendid resort “Osho International Meditation” to practice yoga and meditation . Zuckerberg, a student of combining business and leisure, is in India to attend the wedding of a friend, and posted on his Facebook page a picture meant to capture the experience.

Literacy in Croatia
When it comes to tourism, the passion of Bill Gates are cultural holidays . At age 55, founder of Microsoft and the richest man in the world and spent the last holiday to Skradin, a small town in Croatia , with 3,800 inhabitants.Gates clan arrived here aboard a mega-yacht, personal property, “disembarking” leisurely visit to the historic center, where there is a thirteenth-century fortress, and National Park Krka.

Philosophy after Spielberg
And Steven Spielberg seems to prefer to run away from Hollywood regularly and take refuge in places full of history.Last year, his wife, actress Kate Caps-haw, visited the Celtic regions of Ireland. Accompanied by a group of Irish writers and philosophers, and starring as a guide poet David Withe, Spielberg wives have walked through the Burr en region, and They stayed in the small village of Ballyvaughan and have spent hours discussing philosophy with those of the environment and visiting nearby prehistoric dolmens.

Nowhere like home
Texan billionaire Kelcy Warren prefer to spend holidays away from trendy places. Therefore, in April this year he purchased (the “modest” figure of 46 million dollars) Boot Jack Ranch, a huge ranch in Colorado . Property of all you need to relax: villa, surrounded by six lakes, and still has a swimming pool of Olympic dimensions, and the library, fitness room and a cellar with over 1,500 bottles of wine collection.

But others prefer adventure, and as little time off, fly to Africa to enjoy natural landscapes . Financier Paul Tudor Jones is the case II, owner of a farm in Zimbabwe , where he relaxes fishing and hunting. One technology magnates, Tom Sibel, last year opted for a long safari in national park Serengeti, one of the most important protected areas in eastern Africa.

One that, although love uncontaminated nature, can not however give the exotic beaches, the Russian billionaireRoman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea football team. Abramovich spends much of vacations in Costa Rica,where wildlife can both enjoy, and take advantage of the spectacular beaches of the South American country.

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