Astrology: How Spicy Sex Like Men of Each Sign

28 apr.

All men should try some spicy sex occasionally, even inhibitory Capricorn. Not to mention the passion Scorpio or Sagittarius libertine.

Any sexual piquancy and you give, be sure that your Aries will accept. Not refuse any challenge, any adventure, be it sexual. If you do not regularly give news, his interest disappears. And to know that sex life is of utmost importance for him. If not satisfied in bed, you will quickly find a replacement. So surprise him with new positions, with exotic techniques, sex toys and anything you go through your mind.
Taurus loves women arranged, beautiful, elegant. Surprise him with a special intimate hair, in a surprising way, funny. And do not forget to announce in advance that they prepare it. I thought that you “arrange” the particularly intimate for him to excite him immediately and thought will not give peace all day. Be sure to catch him always sexual novelty that gets bored quickly.
Gemini needs change constantly because he is like shifting and versatile personality he likes women. So the best idea is to always surprise him with some sexy costumes, which allow you all kinds of games. Today you sexy nurse, tomorrow you’re a naughty schoolgirl. Sure, it will seem funny at first, but you will see that he always loves to play another role.

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