Top Celebrities Who Have Broken Lips Plastic Surgery – Photo

26 apr.

Angelina Jolie has become a standard of beauty, thanks to his lips and the lips acquire operation by volume and size of your dreams have become commonplace. They give sensuality, but often not quite the desired result. The road back is long and difficult, and return the original lips is often impossible.

Here are five top international stars who have broken lips.

1. Lara Flynn Boyle , star of Twin Peaks was one of the most beautiful actresses of her generation. Today, 42 years, numerous surgeries and left their mark on her face and turned her into a frightening appearance. Lips are definitely hit CEEL. Doctors remained mute with astonishment – there are only 10 women it’s worldwide! Find out what makes it so special According to specialists in aesthetic surgery, she has had a rhinoplasty, a lip augmentation surgery, Botox injections and possibly a face lift and a lifting of the eyebrows.

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