Top 10 Most Expensive Films Ever Made

26 apr.

Comedy offers today a review of the film to achieve that American studios have invested hundreds of millions of dollars. In most cases, profit was at least three times. Keywords that describe these movies are „action”, „adventure”, „exemplary heroes”, „special effects”.

Let’s see what are the most expensive movies ever made.

Superman Returns (2006)

Estimated budget: 232 million dollars

Superman Returns was a reasonable profit, if we think that the receipts amounted to 390 million dollars worldwide. However, Warner was expected more. As a possible consequence of this, director Bryan Singer he was not given another movie X-Men trilogy to end once directed two films …

Avatar (2009)

Estimated budget: 237 million dollars

Avatar had total revenue of over $ 2.8 billion worldwide, which turned the film with the highest grossing in the history of Hollywood, people write to Total Film .

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

Expected Budget: $ 250 million

The collected 934 million should not surprise anyone at how popular the series was and is. Even if it was the coolest part, Half-Blood Prince has not disappointed at all in terms of action.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

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