10 Attractions of The City Berlin

25 apr.

Dozens of museums and dozens of breweries, thousands of animals and thousands of pictures – surely, Berlin is a city that takes time to enjoy what you offer. As tourists usually do not have time – it is, always, every little girl would be tried – we tried to give at least some parts, with the consciousness that I did little uncomfortable and still remains bothered by the thought that Berlin would deserve much more …

10.) Museums
German capital has an overwhelming number of museums, many of them very large, huge and valuable heritage with thousands of exhibits in the field of history, art and architecture. Here are some of the most impressive collections and museums that shelter:
Pergamon-Museum – a large collection of Greek and Oriental antiques.
Altes Museum (Old Museum) – Egyptian antiquities
Alte Nationalgalerie is – especially German painting of the nineteenth century
Bode-Museum – collections of sculpture, Byzantine art
Neues Museum – other Egyptian antiquities, plus prehistoric objects, here are some of the artifacts discovered at Troy
Historisches Deutsches Museum ( Museum of History , Lower photo ) – the heritage Uria , ” covering ” oo while the period of prehistory to stretch corduroy say today
Jüdisches Museum (Museum Hebrew) – housed in a building with original architecture and impressive features two millennial history of Jewish culture on the territory of present Germany.
Gemäldegalerie – thousands of paintings by European masters from the thirteenth century until the eighteenth century.
Museum für Naturkunde (Museum of Science) – an extensive collection of minerals and fossils, including many dinosaur skeletons
European Cultures Museum – the largest of its kind in Europe
Ethnological Museum – has a famous collection of archaeological pieces precolumbiana.
Berlinische Gallery – is a museum dedicated to design, art and modern architecture.

9.) Lakes
swimming pools on the banks of lakes and Wanness and Müggelsee are popular summer destinations, although a little crowded on hot days.

6.) Berliner Fernsehturm Telecafe
German Television Tower is the tallest building in Berlin, very popular among tourists because it offers, the rotating sphere “stuck” in it, a 360-degree panorama of the city from a height of 204 meters (whole tower is 368 meters).Inside the sphere are a bar and a restaurant.

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