View as Aurora Borealis Shot Shows The Plane! (Video)

23 apr.

During a flight from San Francisco to Paris, Bolt tions made 2459 such compressed images and the 10:30 flight in a two-minute movie.

The photographer captured the scene visible on the right side of an Airbus A340, from takeoff to landing. Thus, had the ability to take rare items, such as the Canadian tundra, or aurora borealis.

Staff at each takeoff board suggests that passengers stop all electronic devices and Bolt claims that ignored the warning: “photos during takeoff and landing are all models created on the computer , I would never use electronic devices while the Federal Aviation Administration forbids. I was lucky I had an entire row available to set up my camera, tripod and equipment “. However, a careful examination of the film shows that in fact he violated flight assistants recommendation.
Photos were taken with May many cameras: Canon 5D2, along with shutter and a 16mm-35mm lens, included a few shots captured with an iPhone.
Tional Bolt Air France staff has requested that allowed her to place the camera equipment during flights.
The photographer was lucky and caught the flight phenomenon aurora borealis. Here surprised Bolt clip:

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