The Beauty of The Aurora Borealis, as You’ve Never Seen It Before! (Video)

23 apr.

Aurora Borealis is common at night in the north, making their appearance phenomenon in the ionosphere.

The phenomenon is seen as a diffuse glow, a curtain extending from the west and it can often form arcs that evolve and change shape. Each “curtain” is composed of many parallel rays, the rays being given magnetic field, aurora borealis can be considered as “models of magnetic field” of Earth.scientific research has established that the aurora borealis appears mainly in a region as ring that has a radius of about 2500 km and is located around the Earth’s magnetic pole.

Moreover, auroras have never been seen in the right geographic pole of the Earth, held at 2000 km distance from the magnetic pole. formed magnetosphere because the plant is the solar wind hitting the Earth’s magnetic pole.
The region of soil is full of ions accumulated over time from the solar wind. Disturbance of these winds leads to increase the flow of ions, a process that leads to movement of ions along the field lines, eventually leading to change of the aurora borealis.
Two photographers have studied over time and various forms of aurorae realized, after working for over 6 months, videos of her extraordinary phenomena observed in northern Norway. first video was made ​​by the Norwegian Terje Sorgjerd photographer, who endured temperatures of -25 degrees for a week to capture these images : The second clip is made ​​by another Norwegian photographer, he spent six months near Tromsø, during which he shot 50,000 frames:

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