Aurora mysteries finally elucidated

23 apr.

U.S. Mission Themis satellites were registered directly a violent explosion that lit the night sky magnetic Arctic.


„I discovered aurora borealis mystery”, said in a NASA physicist Vassilis Angelopoulos report, the chief scientific officer of Themis mission.
Because fleet consists of five microsatellites, each weighing 70 pounds and launched in February 2007, researchers were able to review after one year obeservatie, how bright starts this spectacular phenomenon that occurs in the sky two poles.
placed in orbit ranging between 12 and 30 layers inside earth magnetosphere, which protects Earth loop of harmful effects of solar wind, satellites of Themis have been able, thanks to their size dSLR, the trajectory of particles (especially electrons) issued sudden magnetic explosions that occur in an unpredictable manner in this area of space.


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