Ten Things Women Have Invented

22 apr.

At the end of the twentieth century only 10% of patents were awarded prizes for women. But there are some things you should thank them.

Windscreen wiper . In the late twentieth century, Mary Anderso went to New York for the first time. He saw quite a different city from what visitors see today. There were so many taxis and even thousands of machines beating the traffic. While taxi winter, it always noticed that the driver stopped to remove snow deposited on the windshield. When Anderson returned home conducted a windshield wiper and received certificate of invention in 1903.
One is the circular saw invented by Tabitha Babbits who worked as a seamstress, but in 1810 came with an idea to help her brothers struggling to work, write . He noted that they were cutting wood with a saw with two heads, requiring two people to cut a small piece. Although The saw is pulled both ways, it cut only in one direction, the other end is useless. Since Babbitt believes this was a waste of energy, created the prototype of a circular saw.
Cookies with chocolate chips . Ruth Wakefield worked as nutritionist before buying a house outside of Boston is paying taxes. One day the cookies for invited its gate. Need melted chocolate cake, but Wakefield did not have, so he took a chocolate that was in a closet and shattered into small pieces, throwing it into the dough, believing that chocolate would melt in the oven. Melted chocolate not maintained form, such as cookies with chocolate chips invented.

Correction to paper . Bette Graham was not a very good typist. He later hired as secretary to the Director Bank of Texas. One day Graham looks like some painted glass bank workers for the holidays. He noticed that when they make mistakes just add another layer of paint over to cover the mistake and said that the idea can be applied in the case of typos. With Graham blender tempera mixed with a shade that matched the color of paper. He took composition and work with a brush could quickly correct mistakes. Graham continued to produce spell in his kitchen in 1958 and received certificate of invention.
COBOL compiler and language . When we think of evolution in computers, we tend to think of people like Alan Turing and Bill Gates. Admiral Grace Hopper but deserves applause for her role in the computer industry. In 1950 it invented the compiler, which converts the commands in English-language programmer. He also invented the COBOL language, one of the first language programmers.
Rockets signals . When Martha Coston became a widow in 1847 was only 21 years and four children to raise, but did not know how to do so. Find the old things passed away when her husband found some plans for missile beacons to help ships to communicate at night. Coston asked the system to be tested but it seems that it failed. He spent the next 10 years perfecting her husband’s invention. Finally managed to make the system work and the U.S. Navy bought the rights for an invention, which is mainly used during the Civil War.
Paper shopping bag with a s

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