History of Drums – a Rhythmic Story

22 apr.

What was the oldest man-made musical instrument? It’s a question that is difficult to answer, for we should first decide what musical instrument. Hit two pieces of wood – single portions of a branch – to produce rhythmic sounds, would be to blow? After all, why not? However, experts agree that the oldest musical instruments were in the category of percussion – in which sound is produced by striking – and among them certainly were the drums.

Who believes that a classification of musical instruments is easy job, one never has tried to classify them. It is very difficult, shows many classification systems proposed so far, trying to cover the enormous variety of these objects, the present large – geographically and temporally – in human life.Their diversity is a huge obstacle and at the same time, a challenge which has become more complex in modern times, when technological advances allowed the invention of tools that musicians from two centuries ago and would not have even imagined.

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