Hollywood: Five Stars Who Know a Great to Have Sex. Learn From Them!

21 apr.

What is the star you think supersexy? John Mayer Robert Pattinson? Have you ever imagined how it would be a night of love with a celebrity? Here are seven of the most acclaimed stars in terms of sex.

Robert Pattinson
I bet you did not expect that handsome Robert to the list. Well, according to a former boyfriend, actor is a very passionate lover: “There is chemistry between us and when we kissed it was fantastic. I am a very passionate and so Robert. All parties were sensational sex. attraction was very strong and we could not control. It was great . “ Kristen Stewart is a lucky girl, right?

John Mayer
It is rumored that cute singer is a master in the art of lovemaking. This would explain the large number of famous women who have come to his bed. An artist friend said that: “John is not just good in bed, is sensational. All the women I know who knew him intimately say that John has had the best game of their sex life become obsessed with it. Whatever his secret, would be to sell it. would make money frumşi and could give up his musical career. “

Jessica Simpson
John Mayer has advertised ex-girlfriend, Jessica Simpson. The artist revealed in an interview that of all his girlfriends, the one that was capped Jessica. “She is like cocaine, and drugs are not very good if you abuse them. From sexually, Jessica was crazy. If I would have asked $ 10,000 for each sex, I was able to sell everything I just to get in bed with her ​​, “says the singer.

Tiger Woods

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