Sex in Public

20 apr.

Much of the attraction is the thrill of sex in public danger. If you want to experiment with your partner in public with as little risk of being caught, you have to give than to spontaneity. Prepare for and implement the six tips to keep in mind that not to be caught.

You start with a semi-public place
If you have not done before sex in public, you should choose the first experience in a public place as withdrawn, the chances of being caught are minimal. You can choose a lift in a building or a staircase with at least two lifts or car parked in a secluded area. A tried many setting are well maintained toilets in some places demanding, but if you find a clean toilet and withdrawn, the smell of disinfectant is the most effective aphrodisiac.
Choose better place
The pick a better place, the chances of being caught are small. A secluded clearing, away from the tourist path, can be a good choice in the mountains, but the sea can be difficult to find a corner of beach uncirculated. A repository is another place where the atmosphere may become hot with minimal risk, but parks not a public place unless you want a fine for disturbing public order or even imprisonment.
Choose good time

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