Lima – Between Present and Past

16 apr.

Between the Andes and the Pacific golden desert slopes at yeasty, Lima is changed into an elegant metropolis, subtly perfumed with essences old colonial centuries. Founder Pizarro seems to be forgotten in a corner of the city, and the glorious history of the conquest of Peru by the conquistadors in the shadow is wonderful precolumbian gold jewelery and valuable pre-Inca ceramics.

How few rivers in the mountains slide directly in the capital, their waters with those of the waterways, make life lovely gardens, palm trees and parks thin on high cliffs. architecture punctuate modern financial areas of Lima hot and traditional markets bordering the mall s bold . In the quiet neighborhood of villas, archaeologists digging in the sandy soil of newly discovered sites inside buildings. And every day, increasing by building makeshift outskirts of poor Peruvians dreaming of a better life in the capital.
This is Lima, nearly 500 years after his birth.
Good time
In the summer months, from December to April, Lima is warm, serene, flowering, while in winter (June-October) is covered with clouds and a persistent fog, called Garu, taking place in the desert rain the ocean. However, temperatures fall below 12 º C and not exceed 29 º C often, and only moisture could be uncomfortable for tourists.

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