Combating Global Warming: Turning Earth Into a Planet-bright White

16 apr.

Combating Global Warming: Turning Earth Into a Planet-bright White.

Scientists have envisioned a project that involves combat global warming by reflecting sunlight.

Combating global warming: turning Earth into a planet-bright white

   The project aims to gradually replace materials currently used for building roofs and roads white or light materials. Thus, say the creators of the phenomenon of reflection of sunlight, called albedo, would provide significant cooling, which, over 50 years would be equivalent to a 25 or even 125 billion tons of carbon dioxide.

Sidewalks and roofs are in May than 60% in urban areas, and they are responsible for attracting solar energy and creating hot spots. Called heat islands, cities are consuming power and producing smog, a phenomenon that involves high costs in health care.

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