Ghost Ship Will be Bombed and Sunk | Video

07 apr.

Ghost Ship Will be Bombed and Sunk | Video.

U.S. officials no longer at risk: Coast Guard will destroy the ghost ship floating adrift near the coast of Alaska. Fishing vessel without crew on board, was carried by the waves 7,500 km after the tsunami in Japan in March last year.


nava phantomThe vessel is in total darkness, engines do not work, no crew on board , for which floats on a lead where currents, representing a danger to other boats that travel in the area. Fishing vessel, was called the ghost ship of the Japanese tsunami has reached about 300 km from the coast of Alaska, now floating adrift in the middle of an ocean transportation corridor. “Our main concern is the other ships. We want to minimize risks, we do everything to avoid a collision “ , said David Mosley, a spokesman for the coast guard said on BBC.

According to plans, fishing vessel to be destroyed and sunk, after being bombarded with guns on a destroyer , Haida Gwaii islands nearby. To participate and air force operations, which will oversee the evacuation area.

The authorities have chosen this solution because rescue ship would be too expensive and not foolproof . Although reservoirs are about 8,000 liters of fuel, experts say it is not a source of water pollution. Vessel owner has agreed to sinking.

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