Sandals, Summer – The Essential Models

06 Apr

Sandals, Summer – The Essential Models.

Sandals, Summer – The Essential Models

Sandals, summer 2012 - the essential models

If yesterday you wore high boots and a trench coat thick, you can go home tomorrow in sandals and clothes to wear over a simple summer jacket.

Because you already take out the summer wardrobe forward, I have prepared a selection of sandals with heels or heel , you can find in local stores. Before you leave to pick each piece in hand, I suggest a review of trends in the sandal season spring / summer 2012 .

Poza urmatoare

This year as in past seasons, sandals offer is extremely rich. Models low, flat , will always be present at the forefront of trends. The strap around the ankle, with more bars, more simple or applied, plain or colored, they are essential in every woman.

Poza urmatoare

Poza urmatoare 

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