Up in The Particle Accelerator: The Story of Anatoly Bugorski

05 apr.

Up in The Particle Accelerator: The Story of Anatoly Bugorski.

Hysteria planetary maintained a keen sensational media turned on all parties experiments at CERN and race to discover the Higgs boson, named – somewhat free and forced – God Particle. Millions of people were on the verge of generalized panic imagining a sudden Apocalypse, which may begin at any time as a tiny black hole created by the efforts of scientists „unconscious”.


Up in the particle accelerator: the story of Anatoly Bugorski

Collider facility, extremely complex, whose heart and operation few understand, tends to be seen, therefore, as a kind of infernal machine, a tool that the destruction of humanity. In these conditions, what to believe about a man whose head was caught in a particle accelerator in full operation? Well, that happened in 1978, the man survived the accident incredible and the story of then and now continues to raise many questions among the international scientific community.

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