What are The Five Technologies That Will Transform Humanity in 2017? (Video)

17 mart.

What are The Five Technologies That Will Transform Humanity in 2017? (Video).

IBM has released five predictions in technologies that will transform humanity in 2017. In the framework of the „5 in 5”, IBM predicts not only the technologies that will be possible over five years, but their potential to be widely adopted.

What are the 5 technologies that will transform humanity in 2017?  (VIDEO)

    The five predictions developed by American company is based on analysis of current research, social trends and market conditions.

This initiative IBM goes back six years, when they set out for the first time predictions for a distance of five years. A large number of predictions made by experts IBM several years ago have become reality, including telemedicine (the ability to access health care anywhere in the world with technology) or the application of nanotechnology in agriculture and biotechnology.

For 2017, those from IBM predict that machines can read people’s thoughts and can easily recognizethe person with whom they interact.

“From Houdini to Skywalker in X-Men, read a fantasy thought was present throughout the decades in all works of fiction. Soon, however, this becomes reality,” said IBM researchers.

“Scientists at IBM are among those working on finding a way to connect the human brain in everyday devices such as computers and smartphones,” said the people at IBM. The examples given by researchers at IBM include a telephone call knowledge only the power of thought or movement of a cursor on the screen only with the mind.

Also, passwords will disappear online, say those from IBM. Our biological composition of our identity becomes the key, say those from IBM. ” Imagine you could go to an ATM to withdraw money that you can just telling you his name on a sensor that will identify unique patterns present in your retina , “speculates specialists from IBM. Thus, processing of biometric data such as image identification, retina or voice will be used for identification and is more secure than traditional passwords.

Another innovation that will become widespread in 2017 is the ability to generate electricity from all kinds of movement: the go, from bicycles and even the water flowing through pipes. ”Kinetic energy will be wasted,” says IBM.

Also, IBM says that mobile professionals will help eliminate eliminate “digital barrier” that exists today between rich and poor. ”In today’s global society, the smooth running of economies is increasingly being decided by the level of access to information. In five years, gaping chasm between those with access to information and those without will be reduced significantly progress thanks to mobile technology will know. In five years, 5.6 billion people will own a mobile phone, ie 80% of world population. For example, in India, peasants who could not read and write can already phones use voice recognition to find the market they can get the best price for their grain, or to find out the weather forecast, so being able to plant the best time. “

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