Hid for 71 Years

10 Mar

Hid for 71 Years.

In the middle of the Tasman Sea, somewhere between Australia and New Zealand shores, dominates million years Lord Howe Island. Near them, on an impressive crag of rock that pierces the sky, towering from the sea, a huge insect, long thought to be extinct, has proven to be safe from any continued existence of humanity. Epic of its species is supported by an interesting adventure of science and knowledge in one of the most wild and remote places of the world.


Hid for 71 years adventure rarest insects in the world
Peak, ocean and insect that resembles a lobster
Much of the recent adventure rarest insects in the world to run on a rocky headland called Ball’s Pyramid, in memory of Lieutenant Henry Ball Ling bird, a navigator who discovered the spectacular peak of stone in 1788.
Rock is nothing but time eroded remnant of a volcanic cone 7 million years ago. High of 562 meters with a length of only 1,200 meters and a width of only 300, Ball’s Pyramid is the highest geological formation of this kind worldwide. To protect its habitat and that it includes the island was included in Howe Islands Marine Park and enjoy a special protection. 

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