Aquarium. an Easy But Rewarding Hobby

07 Mar

Aquarium. an Easy But Rewarding Hobby.

Aquarium. an Easy But Rewarding Hobby


Of all the new animals, people, we like to keep them near us, tropical fish are easy to care for the animal companion that you can bring into our homes.


     A properly cared aquarium adds beauty to any environment and watching fish in their environment is recognized by many physicians as a therapeutic activity to reduce stress. (You’ve probably seen many aquariums in offices of physicians). fish are all sorts of advantages if you tropical fish as pets, of course no hair, feathers or “accidents” then you have to clean the house. No expensive trips to the vet and the fish do not need to be removed from the aquarium to exercise daily and you will certainly not give missing. Tropical fish are not noisy, their food is cheap and does not jump up on the coffee table if you’re an hour with it. Also, an aquarium match almost any arrangement of any living room, bedroom or office. A tropical fish aquarium fits as well in an apartment as a small villa. Even more, the principles of Feng Shui, water is a traditional base, and the combination of water and fish produce successful results. The Chinese word “yu” is used to refer to both fish and success. Movement of fish in the aquarium water and activates and increases energy or “chi” of the house you. An aquarium set up by principles of Feng Shui can bring wealth and luck in a household. Fish come to help with positive energy of feng shui house eliminating negative energy. maintenance time required for new animal care and of their home is minimal. You need only feed them once or preferably twice a day. You will also need to spend 30 minutes a week to test water quality and make necessary adjustments to keep the water clean as a whistle and your fish healthy. Once every 1-2 weeks should partial water change (about 30% of total). Partial exchange of water are absolutely necessary for healthy fish.costs after initial purchase costs for equipment and aquarium, it is a minimal expense. Most times this expense is reduced to eating fish but in some cases may include vitamins, additions of fertilizer (plant or coral), salt additions to marine aquariums and small accessories consumables (filter materials). However, these costs can not easily pass for 10-20 lei per month making the hobby a fun and inexpensive hobby to maintain. Conclusion There are many benefits of having fish. As I said earlier, just watching fish is relaxing. And you start to become involved in the care of the aquarium, you will begin to be more skillful and start to know more about fish and about maintaining the house. Fish behavior can spark interest in biology, and by studying their natural habitat, your knowledge in geology, chemistry and physics will grow in a very pleasant. If you have children, have fish may prove to be important in their learning process. An aquarium more responsible child, show them how to nurture and grow a creature (not a digital pokemon) and also much easier to maintain and placed in the family than a dog or cat. PS Have tropical fish can yes and addictive! I started with the first tank when I was 8 years after I got parental permission. It was a small aquarium with 15 liters, but I loved it and became hooked. It is a hobby that gives you many, many rewarding and always learn something new about your tropical fish.

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