The most beautiful astronomical images from 2012, captured in the Canary Islands (VIDEO)

04 Mar

The most beautiful astronomical images from 2012, captured in the Canary Islands (VIDEO)

Spanish photographer Daniel López has released a new opera of art: a video that captures celestial spectacle can be seen at night in the Canary Islands.

The video entitled „The Light of Stars” is the sequel of one of the best type time-lapse movies of 2011, ” El Cielo de Canarias „, which were caught were natural treasures of the Canary Islands.

The new video was made in the Teide National Park Tenerife, López gaining access to the facilities of the Institute of Astrophysics, areas normally closed to the public. Situated at over 2,000 above sea level, the Canary Islands is a popular place among photographers, providing an unimpeded view of space.

Images captured by Lopez ‘capture what the naked eye can not see, „photographer ensuring that” all the videos are real, landscapes, stars, constellations and the Milky Way is captured using standard techniques of astronomical imaging. ”

Here are pictures from the photographer:

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