Oimeakon – Capital God Frost

04 mart.

In the icy vastness of Siberia is a valley where the royal, for millennia, the worst frosts across the northern hemisphere. However, here we find a tiny village inhabited permanently. People who live there frost from us means a beautiful spring day with all its attributes. Welcome Oimeakon, freeze where even thoughts here!

Oimeakon - Capital god Ger

Life at -71.2 degrees Celsius

in the heart of the little known Republic Iakuţia (or SAHA) in the Russian Federation, Indigirka river, the height of 740 m and 30 km north-west of the Kolyma highway linking Tomta, city still resist Oimeakon, where it was officially established in the northern hemisphere cold pole. For in this vale forgotten time in Siberia, not only to the lowest temperature in the boreal hemisphere, but average temperatures here are always much lower even than those recorded at the North Pole.

On January 26, 1926, mercury thermometers here registered a value of -71.2 degrees Celsius in the northern hemisphere record absolutely negative.

Only deep in Antarctica have been lower temperatures. After global warming, on July 28, 2010, record summer temperature rose to 34 Oimeakon degrees Celsius.

Summers are relatively warm, but very short.

The real test occurs with the onset of winter, at which, despite the trend of warming the planet, continues to gather Oimeakon frosts of town in a terrible armor, although they are not as harsh as before.

The climate of the valley of Oimeakon and Tomta is unexpectedly dry, despite the total frost. Here temperatures remain below 0 degrees for 7-8 months a year. Evaporation of water is possible only in the short summer period.

Our frost the daily

average temperature in winter is -51 degrees Celsius. In January and February, mercury thermometers are walking between minus 55 and minus 57 degrees Celsius.

In January and February 2006, registered the coldest winter in 30 years. Then, over several nights, frost the “bit” of Oimeakon value of -67.7 degrees Celsius, the temperature at which human beings can breathe only with special equipment, or lungsfreezes in about 5 minutes, if man is exposed to the frost of downright unbearable.

However, people have adapted and know how to counteract the power of extremely cold weather.When it exceeds -60 degrees, no one venturing out.

Earth from here is completely frozen even in summer, the permafrost layer is not defeated any day when there were 34 degrees at noon.

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