MIT Dashed Most Coveted Place on The Plane is Harmful

04 mart.

MIT Dashed Most Coveted Place on The Plane is Harmful.

Places the window is the worst health, according to scientific studies. They are preferred to outside the aircraft, but not too frequent calls for output, which is bad for circulation.

Careful where you sit on the plane

  Passengers taking advantage of these places a few minutes before takeoff and landing. According to Men’s Health, the risk of developing thrombosis or blood clots is higher in people who sit at the window. Studies have shown that those places rarely rises to the window because they will not disturb other passengers when going to the toilet.”When we stay put longer, gravity leads to accumulation of blood in the legs, which promotes clotting,” explains Dr. Susan Kahn. thrombosis is rare, affecting only a passenger in 5000, but still recommended that passengers get up, during long flights, one to two hours . Those who travel regularly by air are advised to use compression socks, which helps to better blood circulation.

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