Earth is Preparing for The 6Th Mass Extinction

04 mart.

A team of researchers at UC Berkeley said that if the rate remains current extinction in 300 years over 75% of existing species could disappear.

Earth is preparing for the 6th mass extinction

Extinction would be a similar ago spent 65 million years ago when the Chicxulub asteroid impact led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. ”Once lost, species not recur. takes millions of years as a planet to recover after a mass extinction “said Nicholas Matzke, study author. Wednesday, U.S. authorities announced a subspecies extinct American lion, Puma con-color cougar . In recent history, species have disappeared and the Java tiger, dodo bird, bird migration or Japanese sea lion. during mass extinctions, 75% of species on Earth disappeared in a short geological period, that hundreds of thousands years and millions of years. Throughout history 540 million years of multi-cellular organisms on Earth, there were five such large events. New research shows that if the current rate of extinction continues, Earth passes through the sixth mass extinction in the next 300 to 2000 years. Researchers say that their report should be a warning to mankind: “We have time to solve this crisis. But the study of fossils shows that once you’re in a rhythm of typical missing mass extinction, the results are extreme, irreversible and unpredictable.” The good news is that the rate of actual disappearances is devastating. In the last 200 years, about 2% of existing species have become extinct. But human activity influences increasingly stronger pace at which species disappear. Pollution,  over-fishing , habitat reduction and climate change are some of the factors leading to species extinction. Among the solutions offered by researchers include reducing dependence on fossil fuels, signing agreements that guarantee protection of natural habitats and climate change mitigation measures. Scientists say that humanity will act once people are aware of the seriousness of the problem, but warns: “Most obstacles that stand in the way of solving problems not related to science, as with politics.

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