Earth Could be Affected by a Major Disaster in 10 Years

04 Mar

Earth has a 12 percent chance to deal with a mega solar eruption in the next decade. Event could cause damage worth billions of dollars, and recovery may take up to 10 years.

Earth could be affected by a major disaster in 10 years

   Such extreme events are very rare. Last solar storm, called Carrington event took place 150 years ago and was the most powerful in history.
   The event was observed on September 1, 1859 by astronomer Richard Carrington. Then, electrically charged particles, thrown from the eruption, flew in space at more than 6 million km / h. When they entered the Earth’s atmosphere, particles generated splendid aurora borealis, the unprecedented intensity of people time.
  But these phenomena, in spite of spectacular effects, can wreak havoc on the electrical systems.
Now, experts say that in the coming years we may face a rival Carrington Event, which is likely to be 10 times stronger. In a world dependent on technology and power, a storm of this size could cause catastrophe. An interruption period may cause disturbance long transport systems, communications, banking and finance. It also may damage the drinking water distribution systems and production of drugs.
  Sun goes through a cycle of 11 years, during which activity increases and then decreases. During solar maximum the star you can see several huge sunspots and magnetic eruptions. Occasionally, these eruptions throw powerful jets and send charged particles in space.
Small solar eruptions occur rarely, but large ones are true events. Scientists were able to estimate when the next event will be held by analyzing historical data.

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