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04 Mar

Unmanned aerial vehicles, „drones”, the most important innovation in the military within the last year. If drones until recently were used only in theaters of war, they could soon become ubiquitous. From agriculture and archeology to journalism, drones promise to transform many areas in the coming decades, marking an unprecedented change in our lives daily.

Drona -

Drones in the war


The first use of drones in military conflict took place in 1982, the war in Lebanon, the Israeli army sent such unmanned aircraft to study the Syrian defense systems and to accumulate the necessary data destruction.

The success of the Israeli campaign has reignited passion for U.S. Army UAVs ( unmanned aerial vehicles , drones official name). In fact, one of the most popular drone used by the U.S. military today, Predator, is inspired by Israeli design.

Following the development of GPS (Global Positioning System), enabling accurate navigation anywhere in the world, drones can be used all over the planet, being controlled by the pilots are military bases on U.S. territory.

Because drones has many advantages over manned aircraft, they have become an essential weapon in the arsenal of the U.S. military. In 2001, the U.S. declared a state of war since the terrorist attacks of September 11, U.S. military drones had 50. Today, their number amounts to 7,500, and U.S. officials plan to expand its global network of drones and will fund this project at the expense of conventional programs.

In the past decade, drones have become a key instrument of U.S. armed forces and the CIA. Their role is proved by the fact that in 2009 the first year of the mandate of President Barrack Obama, he ordered more drone attacks than his predecessor George W. Bush during his entire eight years in office.

Today, 40 Predator drones are in the air at any time, over, hot areas of the world (Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen).

Pentagon will spend $ 5 billion this year on drones, and the number of pilots trained to lead the ground these UAVs is already higher than the pilots who specialize in combat and bomber aircraft.

Countries around the world is the American model, drones become an essential component of the armed forces. Military is not, however, only to record the occurrence of significant changes drones.These unmanned aircraft are beginning to be used in more areas.

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