Cameroon uses the army to stop the slaughter elephants

04 Mar

Cameroon uses the army to stop the slaughter elephants

Cameroon launched a military offensive aimed at eliminating poachers in a national park in north-east, near the border with Chad. In recent months hundreds of elephants were killed for their ivory, the situation was considered alarming by the UN agency responsible for environmental issues.

Defense Minister Alain Mebe Ngo’o, has announced new country in a political broadcast, saying the country should take measures against poachers, who is believed to be Sudanese origin.

In the last 8 weeks there was a real massacre Bouba NDjida National Park, were killed between 200 and 300 elephants. Before the massacre, about 400 elephants living in the park.’Djida+National+Park&ie=UTF8&hq=Bouba+N’Djida+National+Park&t=m&ll=8.640765,14.565125&spn=0.950382,1.74408&z=9&iwloc=A&output=embed

WWF says that poachers are in Sudan and speak Arabic, is equipped with numerous weapons and horses. The most likely destination of huge amount of poached ivory is the Asian market.

Currently, 100 soldiers were posted camerunieni National Park to protect the area from poachers.

Elephants in northern Cameroon is 80% of the population of savanna elephants across Central Africa.

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