10 Things You Should Know About Parasites

04 mart.

10 Things You Should Know About Parasites.

There is a world of their own, a world of creatures living on the backs of others – their hosts – making their bodies as food and sometimes permanent shelter. Unlike predators, parasites generally not kill the host, but set her special connection, which only help draw them, but so that the relationship to last longer. And this link is so close that often only the death of a dissolution.
10 things you should know about parasites

Let’s try to do not see things in terms of human morality, for here he has no moral mixture: Beyond the inconvenience of these host exploiters and negative connotations of the word “parasite”, hides an absolutely fascinating biological phenomenon with incredible adaptations , the extraordinary complexity, which are a measure of true greatness of Life, the formidable forces of evolution.

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